How to teach different kinds of lesson: Discussion, Reading ,Writing , Grammar & Word

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    How to teach different kinds of lesson: Discussion, Reading ,Writing , Grammar & Word Study

    methods in teaching different kinds of lesson in the secondary stage.
    Before the lesson :
    you have to prepare yourself very well. ( How )
    . You have to ask yourself the most important question before preparing the lesson : What do I want students to learn ? ; What should they learn from this lesson ?
    If you know the answer , everything will be easy and clear.
    Preparation is the first step before entering the classroom. Preparation is the most important step in your plan.
    Start to prepare for the lesson after answering the previous question . . : " What do I want students to learn ?"
    You have to prepare your lesson , ideas and things that you will use very well.
    How to prepare the lesson:
    As you know , it is important to divide the lesson into an introduction , body of the lesson and the conclusion .

    The introduction is very important part in the lesson . Try to make it successful . ( How? )
    At the beginning , you have to attract the students' attention to the lesson . You have to make them like the lesson and wait the rest of it. Try to connect the lesson with anything they like e.g. hobbies , books , novels , food , malls , family , friends ,schools, habits, customs …etc. In this step , you can make them speak about things they like or they don’t.

    The body of the lesson :
    Here , you present the lesson step by step after the introduction. There are different kinds to present the lesson according to its kind.

    The conclusion :
    It is the last step. It is time of evaluation . Also, you have to conclude the lesson and summarize it.

    Always try to connect the lesson with different things in their real life.
    Always ask students Why …? What doy you think of …… ? Do you like this or that ? Why ?

    Now let's start with different kinds of lesson:

    Word study
    Discussion Lessons:
    Usually, it is the first lesson in each new unit.
    For me, it is the most interesting lesson because you have to help sts to speak and to express their feelings and ideas.
    In this lesson, it is nice to use pictures, short stories , proverbs or any real things as possiple as you can.You can start the lesson by showing them for example pictures belonging to the lesson the start discussion .
    What do you see ?
    What do you think of ……………..?
    Do you like it ? Why ?
    IS it …..?
    Are they ……………?

    You can ask many different questions . You can ask weak sts very very simple questions you know that they know the answers . In this way , you encourage and help them to be more confident . Then you can verify the kinds of questions to them next days.
    The body of the lesson
    You have to use the book.
    Ask sts to read the title .
    Ask sts about the pictures if they are found.
    Discuss the ideas of the lesson by using different things like pictures .
    Ask sts to read the mentioned questions and answer them.
    The conclusion:
    Summarize the lesson . You can ask them to summarize it. You can ask sts what do you learn today?
    Evaluate the students by using worksheet.
    In this lesson , it is nice to ask them to complete a dialogue.
    Don't forget to give sts homework. It is important to make them revise the lesson at home.
    There are many important steps to teach any reading lesson to any grade.
    The lesson is divided into: introduction ( pre-reading ) , the body of the lesson ( during reading ) and the summery ( after reading).

    You can start the lesson with appropriate pictures , proverbs ,short stories….etc.
    For example, if the lesson is about food , we can start the lesson with this proverb : An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    U can write this proverb on the board and ask a student to read. Then say what do you understand from it. With many questions, sts can guess the title.
    After that, ask sts to open their books . Ask sts to read the title , the subheading and the caption.
    Ask : How many paragraphs are there ?
    Talk about the pictures if they are found.

    Silent Reading:
    Write many questions on the board the ask sts to read them.
    Ask sts to read the passage silently to answer ( usually I ask sts to underline the answers) giving questions. ( specify time ).
    Then ask sts to stop reading and answer the questions orally.
    Reading and Discussion: :
    Ask sts to read paragraphs individually ( Here it depends on the level of ur students )
    If they are secondary , ask excellent sts to read. ( you don’t need to read)
    After a student finish reading the paragraph, discuss it with sts by asking them many questions about it and explain the new words.
    You can present the new words by using different pictures , simple examples or acting it.
    If the passage is long, don’t read all of it but the most important idea in each paragraph.

    After Reading :

    This is time of evaluation
    It is better to use a worksheet and ask sts to work in groups. ( it is important to specify time)

    I think these are the most important steps in teaching reading

    Ask sts to open their book.
    Ask What kind of lesson is it ?
    Ask what are the main rules to write a paragraph ?
    Ask sts to read the title ?

    The body of the lesson:
    Ask sts to read what is mentioned in the book: notes , questions …etc.
    Ask sts to make sentences from the giving notes or questions orally.
    Ask sts to work in group and write a paragraph.
    Make sure every sts in the group write at least a sentence.

    The conclusion:
    Check the paragraphs .
    Ask different groups to read the written paragraph.

    My students don't like this kind of lesson . So I help them by using this method:
    I usually write questions belonging to the topic they have to write about it.
    Then I ask sts to answer them and I tell them by answering them you can write a paragrapgh . So they feel comfortable and try to write .
    There many ways to teach grammar like deductive and inductivemethod. But I like the inductive one:

    So, Write different sentences including the new structure the have to learn.
    Discuss the structure with different examples.
    Ask students to summarize the structre.

    Use worksheet.
    Ask them to summarize the lesson.

    Word Study

    I usually ask sts to open their book and ask them " What kind of lesson is it ?"
    How many words are there on the page ?
    Then I ask them to underline the meanings of the words.

    The body of the lesson:
    You may present the words by using many ways and aids like pictures , short stories , simple examples , act-out the word ...etc.

    you can end the lesson by using a worksheet , or playing different games belonging to word study
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