new failer

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    new failer

    thought you were a part of my life

    a part of my soul or its broth

    you were

    inspiratation of each second of mine

    soul partner

    life wonner

    did felt i so

    so think of me

    so usually dremt of thee

    sudden nothing ...remain

    gone by wind...... no

    stay no even a while

    thought will remaine

    thought may gaine

    gulty were you..

    gulty made thee by

    glooomy created at all time

    time you were

    time never laugh

    not in day nor in night

    more tears more bears

    in soul in rouhi mean

    felt in gothering all

    band and put in mine

    damaged i feel

    i see you not feel

    to repaire cant happen or feel

    a part you were

    of my every food and sleep

    but never a lie of my day or night

    now i am your made
    were shallow

    like mirror i were

    now dark cloth or may black

    thik of water deep

    deep you were deep

    deep aimes deep ques.

    i dont feer

    dont see

    a man never see

    sudden feel sudden see

    you were friend of he

    ignorent could feel

    rasha came so may see

    what cant feel

    lie over lie i am so hide

    not know or clear

    what they want of meee

    nadia was she

    nadia dont i know

    once i hear never was here

    no there

    two were versus soft of me

    soft soul of mee

    was hurt deep but none can feel

    like heart was hurt of thee

    never good will be

    never recover againe you see

    will me remaine your made

    long time i need

    well beter be

    or feel...

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