Listening Techniques

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    Listening Techniques
    1-Before Listening
    Pre-listening tasks are very helpful for students These tasks help them to develop useful learning strategies therefore teachers should build some interest in the texts. These tasks also called warmers.
    Prepare your students by introducing the topic and finding out what they already know about it. A good way to do this is to have a brainstorming session and some discussion questions related to the topic. Then provide any necessary background information
    Some Helpful Warmers
    vPictures and Photographs
    Pictures are good tools to motivate students and make them understand better and they will also save your time.
    Example the listening comprehension is about two girls doing shopping . You can show students a picture about a shopping mall and discuss some ideas about the topic.
    v- asking Students about their opinions , experiences
    Another interesting warmer is to ask students about their attitudes ,experiences etc.
    the listening task is about sports. You can introduce the topic by asking these questions
    What is your favorite sport?
    Do you think having exercises regularly is healthy?
    v -Introducing the key words
    Essential Point
    Never read the dialogue yourself Using tapes with some explanations, pictures key words and comments from you will really make the task easier.

    Key words may be the most thing that some students need before listening particularly the ones who find some difficulties in understanding therefore introducing the key vocabulary that students will need for the listening activity is crucial in some cases. Write the key words on the board , projector or computer .You can elicit these words by asking general question.

    Example : (from a textbook for first intermediate )
    A listening comprehension is about ordering in a restaurant .
    Introduce the key vocabulary in the dialogue and write them on the board and try to explain their meanings.
    Additional Idea
    Provide students with examples of different accents of English such as American English and British English .

    Key vocabulary
    Chicken cream soup
    Grilled Najiil
    Spicy prawns