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    School Magazine :
    The purpose of designing a school magazine is encouraging students to write where other people can read their writing .
    Editing a school magazine can be suitable for advanced and also for intermediate students .You should try to make this task enjoyable by suggesting some interesting subjects fore example interviews with teachers or students , sports , students' problems . Adding drawings , pictures and photographs are great ideas to attract students .
    -Writing Different Kinds of CardsSympathy , Congratulations )
    There are special occasions when people send cards like congratulation cards ,sympathy cards etc. Let students or groups of students design and write some cards in special occasions and send their classmates or other teachers .
    Examples :
    Wishing you lots
    of happy
    successful life
    and good luck in your future

    My Sympathy
    My thoughts
    are with you.
    May Allah
    gives you more comfort

    Team Correction
    Divide the class into groups of five . Distribute these roles according to the students´ abilities. Each group checks one aspect of language . Fore example
    Group A checks grammar
    Group B checks vocabulary .
    Group C checks spelling etc.
    The last group will be the editor. This group evaluate the writing and puts the marks .
    Writing "Thank You" letters
    It is a interesting idea to let students write a Thank You letter for a teacher or an administrator in the school . To make the idea more stimulating , divide the class into different groups . Each group writes a thanking letter for a member of the staff in the school . Then , you can choose one letter which looks more correct and appropriate .
    Mrs. Susan Smith
    We would like to express our gratitude for efforts you made in the school .
    We really benefit a lot from all your works .
    Thanks a lot .
    Your students

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    English Teacher
    its very important to care about our kids skills >
    all the skills
    > writing give our students the trust in them selfe
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