How to bea good English teacher

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    ツأميمة الأحمديツ عضوية تميّز عضو مميز

    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
    Alsalam Alykoum

    If you want to be a good English teacher , you should think of three stages :

    *1-Pre-teaching ( your preparation to the lesson and students’ interaction and reaction )
    Most of our teachers neglect the first stage (pre-teaching) which I consider the most important stage because it helps you to be a self-confident teacher.
    You shouldn’t only prepare your lessons but also prepare yourself well to students’ expected and unexpected reactions and interaction . This makes students trust you and creates motivation from students for learning and prevents some problems dealing with discipline inside the classroom.
    *2-While-teaching (everything will happen inside the classroom )
    *****We will deal with all these stages in detail later.

    Actions that teachers take in first lessons:
    1-Introduce yourself.

    2-Students introduce themselves or each other
    or learn something about each other.

    3-Establish a particular classroom atmosphere :cooperative and respectful.

    4-Learn about learners’ expectations.
    5-Establish a code of classroom conduct( acceptable behaviours , etc ).You and your students can set classroom rules because if the rules come from the students , they will be more willing to follow them then write the rules on a large sheet of paper and hung it in the classroom. This point is very important because it deals with classroom management which I will put it forward later .
    Note: What are your suggestions to maintain discipline inside classroom and what will you do if a student breaks the rules?
    6-Present the course :point out important information about course ******* ,ways of working , assessment.
    7-Pre-test students to assess their proficiency level.​
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    ツأميمة الأحمديツ عضوية تميّز عضو مميز

    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
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    yes that's right
    one of my friends had a religious lesson. She has aleardy taken a coures in Education Strategy, that made her search on a worksheet for her lesson . She took those sheets to class, without looking to it, and with a proud voice " queckly girls you only have 5 minits" the students looked at the paper with surprise
    " whats the matter "
    Wow Wow Wow
    the worksheets didnot belong to that lesson

    So embarrassing

    Educational Epic

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