Reasons behind students' poor speaking skills

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  1. ツأميمة الأحمديツ

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    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
    From my viewpoint as a teacher, the
    following are among these reasons of why students tend to bepassive listeners rather than active learnersin the
    oral English class

    1. Lack of confidence
    2. The psychological pressure of making mistakes in
    the presence of their classmates
    3. The feeling of having nothing to say on the subject
    4. Lack of appropriate language
    5. lack of practice in conventions of
    conversational interaction

    When you ask your students to speak, they
    themselves have many worries, like
    1. What if my vocabulary or grammar is
    not as good as his/hers?
    2. What if I can not think of anything to say?
    3. What if I can not find the proper word?
    4. What if I look silly or sound dumb?
    5. What if the teacher and everyone in the
    class are judging me?
    6. In short …….. what if I fail?
    There is another reason, as I think, that cause students'
    inhibition to speak. This reason is our community culture
    In our schools, students are usually taught to be
    quiet and respectfully listen to the teacher
    However, this is not what we want to teach students
    We want them to ask for help if they do not understand
    We want them express themselves and exchange
    their ideas freely without worry
    Actually, we can do this if we provide our students
    with appropriate activities and games
    that make them want to speak
    Now, let me ask you

    What are these activities and games that can
    contribute to the solution of this problem?
    I wait your suggestions
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    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
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  4. humaidi

    humaidi تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    The bitter fact that we must confess is, that we have incompetent teachers in all aspects of language skills and pedagogy.
  5. مايا

    مايا تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    Thank you my dear
  6. alhaidari

    alhaidari تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    Dear Sister Teacher

    Thank you for your kind contribution for lying the principles of English Language learners mistakes .
    I really appreciate it so much
    I do hope to give more of your golden enlightenment

    Brother saif alhaidari
  7. ahmed28

    ahmed28 تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    teacher of english
    Thanks alot for what you have presented . I think There is alot to say in this subject:
    First , is the teacher himself or herself a good speaker of English?
    Does he or she speak English freely by his or her student?
    How much does he or she speak English in class?
    So if we admit that the teacher is excellent so he can push his students to use the language?How??
    I will prepare alot of ideas for that.