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    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
    Congratulations on joining tens of thousands of monthly visitors to Write Better English.

    You've just taken a major stride toward writing better English.

    It's great that you've decided to take this step because poor English and poor writing

    can lose you a lot —credibility, respect, and success, to **** just a few things.

    Writing better English means writing clear English, correctEnglish, and persuasive English.

    Read on to discover the skills you must develop in order to improve your writing ...

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  2. ツأميمة الأحمديツ

    ツأميمة الأحمديツ عضوية تميّز عضو مميز

    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
    1. Improve Your Vocabulary

    A good writer has a good vocabulary — one that is both broad and deep — because a good vocabulary is essential to clarity, power, and precision. If you have a large stock of words, you can choose the most effective word. The more words you know, the easier your words will flow.

    Improving your vocabulary can come from incidental learning from context, direct learning, or a combination of these.

    The best incidental learning comes from reading good books and associating with people who have a good spoken vocabulary and written vocabulary.

    Direct techniques include looking in a dictionary for unfamiliar words.

    Another direct technique is to record definitions of new words in a notebook, which you review whenever you get spare time. You should try to learn at least one new word a day.

    These days, the quickest and easiest form of direct vocabulary learning is through vocabulary-building software.

    For more on how to improve your vocabulary, read our knowledgebase of free articles (from the top menu, Resources » Articles » Improve your vocabulary).

    When purchasing software, you should always be sure to read credible online reviews before you make your decision. Here is a site that provides excellent objective software reviews.

    2. Improve Your Spelling

    Learning to spell is integral to good writing, because correct spelling ultimately helps you communicate your message to others. Since language is shared, then your spelling must follow the accepted standard pattern.

    And, crucially for persuasive writing, correct spelling gives writing credibility.

    These reasons are why we have dedicated a lot of this website to providing free articles on how to improve your spelling.

    3. Improve Your Reading Skills

    Better writing usually comes from doing — that is, through practice.
    But reading other people's writing also plays an important role in improving your own writing.

    For example, reading helps you develop your vocabulary and improve your spelling, which in turn helps your reading, which in turn continues to improve vocabulary and spelling. The cycle goes on.

    Reading also gives you writing styles to emulate.

    You can improve your writing by not only doing, but also seeing how others do it.

    This is why we have uploaded quite a number of free articles on improving your reading, including improving your reading speed, so that you can read more in less time.

    4: Improve Your Grammar

    Good grammar prevents ambiguity. By contrast, bad grammar confuses your reader, slows their reading, and shows your ignorance, which can lose you respect, influence, and credibility.

    Make sure you at least know the parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Find fun ways to learn the parts of speech.
    Know the difference between the active voice and passive voice. Using the active voice is one of the best ways to give power to your writing.
    Also, learn the basics of punctuation, especially when to use a comma.
    For more tips, read our articles on correct grammar.

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