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    This list could be useful for talking or writing about classes that are shared (e.g. between an Assistant Language Teacher and the regular classroom teacher), for writing handover notes, and for job interviews and initiation periods.

    Basic information
    We/ you have 3 classes today
    1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ last lesson (= period) is/ will be...
    1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ etc grade ( = Year 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ etc.)
    Each class last for...
    The class need to leave on time/ a little early because...
    There's a change to the normal schedule/ lesson plan because...
    One of the children/ teachers/ parents asked if...
    This is today's lesson plan/ This is what we did with the same class last year
    This is today's timetable/ this week's timetable/ the syllabus/ the register/ the flashcards/ your desk/ the CD player/ the box of materials the last teacher used
    Today's timetable/ this week's timetable/ the syllabus/ the register/ the flashcards/ your desk/ the CD player/ the box of materials the last teacher used/ the light switches/ the remote control for.../ the extra.../ blank paper is/ are
    The first/ second/ next class is in the classroom next to the gym/ playground/ entrance/ stairs
    The students will come and collect you.
    You can have lunch/ make a drink/ do you photocopies/ use a computer/ help yourself to... over there/ in the...
    The classroom will be free from... (for you to get set up)
    The students will/ should be lined up outside/ be in the classroom when you arrive
    If you have any problems (with troublemakers/ with the equipment/ finding things), please...
    You can go home at/ when...
    The students will/ won't have... (already/ yet, so you can't.../ you'll need to...)
    You need to clock in/ out...
    You need to sign...
    You need to return... to...
    Please... before you leave

    Information about the students
    This class are the top/ second/ bottom set
    This is the English club (so the students want/ expect...)
    The kids (in this class) are a little quiet/ very lively/ a bit out of control/ quite low level/ mixed levels/ not very motivated/ good at.../ weak at.../ interested in...
    Watch out for... because he/ she is quite naughty/ behind the other students
    This class are ahead of/ behind the other class/ the schedule (because.../ so you'll need to...)

    What to do in class
    The normal routine is.../ Most teachers usually...
    You will need to/ You might want to start/ end the class by...
    The target language for today/ this week/ this term is.../ We have to cover...
    We'll start with a warmer/ How about starting with a warmer? / The children usually start with a warmer
    Then (we'll do) a song
    Then (we'll play) a game to practice the language
    I/ One of the other teachers tried..., and that worked really well/ but I wouldn't do it like that again
    Please make sure the students...
    Please hand out...

    Asking for ideas
    Do you have any ideas on how to (practice this language point/ stop the kids misbehaving)?
    ... worked really well. Do you have any similar ideas?
    How can we use this (piece of equipment/ set of flashcards/ game/ worksheet) do you think?
    What do you think of this worksheet/ page of the textbook/ game idea/ set of flashcards/ language point/ example sentence?
    Can we adapt..., or should we just skip it?
    Is this OK? / What do you think?/ Do you have any other ideas?
    How would you explain this to the students (without using L1)?
    Do you want to do that, or should I (explain it in L1)?

    Responding to ideas
    That's a good idea. Let's try it.
    That might be a little bit too noisy/ difficult/ easy/ boisterous/ childish/ mature (for this class)
    I'm not sure the students can do that/ will like that/ will understand what to do
    That might be dangerous/ I'm worried about the students hurting themselves/ getting overexcited/ disturbing the other classes
    We aren't allowed to do that (in that classroom/ in English classes/ in this school/ in Korean schools/ with children this age)
    I think they've already done that (in another class/ last term/ with another teacher/ quite a few times before)
    Have you tried that before?
    Maybe we can try... instead/ I think this class might prefer.../ I think... might be more suitable for this class

    Feedback on the class
    How did it go?
    How were the kids today?
    Did everything go okay?
    What would you like to do next time? / Maybe next time we can...
    I thought that was quite/ very.
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