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  1. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

    IN his reply to a pointed question from Barbara Walters

    of ABC News asking him whether he would support

    allowing women to drive, King Abdullah, Custodian of the

    Two Holy Mosques, was forthright. “I believe strongly in

    the rights of women ... my mother is a woman, my sister

    is a woman, my daughter is a woman, my wife is a

    ,” he said. “I believe the day will come when

    women drive. In fact, if you look at the areas in Saudi

    Arabia, the deserts and in the rural areas, you will find

    that women do drive. The issue will require patience. In

    time, I believe it will be possible.

    Prodded further about the exact time when women could

    get behind the wheel, King Abdullah added: “Our people

    are just now beginning to open up to the world, and I

    believe that, with the passing of days in the future,

    everything is possible

    However, after five years of harsh and haunting debate,

    I believe things are changing. People are now open to

    the idea of at least discussing the issue of women


    Now, hundreds of activists have already set up Facebook

    groups and campaigns calling for Manal’s release and an

    end to the driving ban. A Facebook page titled “We are

    all Manal Al-Sharief: a call for solidarity with Saudi

    women’s rights,” has been growing in popularity.

    Contrary to that, the deplorable ‘Iqal campaign’ has been

    also launched on Facebook calling for men to beat Saudi

    women who drive their cars in protest.

    Whatever be the case, the fact remains that Saudi Arabia

    is the only country in the world in which women are not

    allowed to drive. Thus, every time the issue is raised in

    the global arena, it will give the Western media another

    chance to take potshots at women’s lack of

    independence in the Kingdom.

    What i have read

    At the end>>>

    We should not consider driving an issue at all.

    We must be a ware of what we are saying in this case

    and do not be hasty in passing judgments

    What we need is only time

    May someday we laugh at what we have said
  2. ضحوي آل الحارث

    ضحوي آل الحارث تربوي مميز عضو مميز

    English Teacher
    i aske allah to save our king

    he is real muslims
    this intervew with parpra
    made alot of reaction in amerca because it comes from true hearts our father king abdullah
  3. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

  4. ツأميمة الأحمديツ

    ツأميمة الأحمديツ عضوية تميّز عضو مميز

    معلمة لغة انجليزيه
    driving in my opinion
    is to drive the life

    it is more
    than driving
    a car

  5. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة


    for passing