can u help me?

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  1. (مبروك تم نقلك)

    (مبروك تم نقلك) تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    i need asite or aprogram that can help me to improve my speaking skill , depending on amicrophone so i can speak throygh it

    my regards
  2. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

    from your writing , i see that your english is good
    there are a very good subjects in this
    sections, there you can find
    website to increase youe vocabualary
    you can also join english chat
    watch english programmes
    and most of that try to practice speaking
    and that what you seek
    i don't now if there is a site that you can
    talk by using a microphne
    but try with other people who speak
    english well
    best wishes
  3. a TeaCher

    a TeaCher تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    Junior student
    Hello there !
    I am in the same situation .. I really need o work on my speaking skill since
    I started my studies . I've searched and found many good websites to help
    me with that . For starters there is Paltalk , it is a programm that has many
    rooms for chating , there is an English room in the Middle East section and
    it is very helpful .. so many activities and you can participate .
    Here you can download the programm : Click
    Second : there is italki You can join there and in a minute you can talk to
    any one and improve your speaking skill and invite them to talk through Skype .

    And do not forget about YouTube .. it is very useful to help your speaking skill ..

    I hope this would hehp
  4. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

    Wonderful ... Thank you Teacher
  5. أمة البارىء

    أمة البارىء <font color="#4CC417">مبدعة الاستراحة </font> عضو مميز

    English Teacher
    try this site