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After Superstorm Sandy, hit the east coast, we woke up to the sobering reality of devastation and the reality of climate change. The death toll is up to 55 [the US death toll from Sandy tops 90 as of Friday, Nov 2nd, 2012] in the US. Millions are without power, and will be for a while, officials warn. The NYC Subway Transit System is under water in many areas and will be down until the weekend (at least). Bloomberg said Tuesday it could be “a good four or five daysâ€‌ before subways are back up and running, though Metropolitan Transit Authority Chairman Joseph Lhota cautioned it’s too early to say how long it will take to restore full service.â€‌Many cities still under siege, one standing out, Hoboken, NJ, is under millions of gallons of floodwater trapping 20,000 (estimated) of the city’s 50,000 residents. Emergency rescues still under way (10:00 AM EST). “We’ve got live wires in the waters, and the waters are completely contaminated and getting more contaminated,â€‌ she said. “It’s rain water mixed with sewage water; it’s becoming more sewage water.â€‌ Mayor Dawn Zimmer said Tuesday night.HOW YOU CAN HELP:Red CrossThe Red Cross has started a preventative campaign in Haiti, using SMS and sound trucks to provide early warning messages. Emergency response teams are also in place, ready to hand out relief supplies for up to 11,000 families. In the United States, the Red Cross has released an app that allows users to track the impending storm, receive weather alerts, directions to the nearest shelter, tools like a flashlight, strobe light, alarm, and even a one-touch “I’m Safeâ€‌ button that uses social media to let family and friends know you’re safe. Learn more here.There’s an app for that!RED CROSS HURRICANE APP The free Red Cross Hurricane App for mobile devices is available and provides real-time hurricane safety information. You can use the app to receive weather alerts and get information on Red Cross shelters. The app also features a toolkit with a flashlight, strobe light and alarm, and the one-touch “I’m Safeâ€‌ button lets someone use social media outlets to tell family and friends they are okay. The Hurricane App can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching for American Red Cross and is available in Spanish. Users just need to make sure the language setting on their smart phone is set to Spanish before downloading the app.NYC ServiceMayor Bloomberg has activated the hurricane shelter system in New York and will be in need of trained volunteers. Help volunteers at evacuation shelters and after the storm. 相ه…³çڑ„ن¸»é¢کو–‡ç«*: Last mont 700 lives