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Ethics of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

الموضوع في 'الملتقى الإســلامي' بواسطة بدر البلوي, بتاريخ ‏2012-09-13.

  1. بدر البلوي

    بدر البلوي المدير العام إدارة الموقع

    أخلاق النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ..

    Many people wonder Nowadays the Prophet (peace be upon him). Is it exactly? What did he teach? He loves a lot of people do not do some of them?Did he live up to his? Was a holy man? Was he a prophet of God? What is the truth about this man? You be the judge!

    He was born to the lineage of Mecca and noble tribe.
    · Named "Mohammed" is derived from the source, "Hamad" and people at his time and until this very moment, that God inherits the earth and pray several times a day and nts - peace be on Muhammad, peace be upon him -
    · He never habits of the tribe in the worship of idols, idols or gods that fell into.
    · He believed that God is one God and should be worshiped alone, without any partner.
    · Was revered and dignified name of God never took mockery or ridicule was not used for the purposes or interests of no use.
    · Despise false worship and all the consequent behaviors and decadent transactions.
    · Committed to the application of all religious teachings, "Almighty God," as did the prophets before him.
    · He never. And he advised others not to commit this shameful act.
    · Was deprived as did before Christ, peace be upon him centuries.
    · He never gambled and did not allow it.
    · Not drink alcohol, even though it was a normal thing for people of his time.
    · Did not backbite anyone ever shows what was heard from the absence and gossip.
    · He fasted closer to Almighty God and away from worldly attractions.
    · He taught that Jesus the son of Mary - peace be upon him - is a miracle of God's creation and that his mother Mary was among the best creation of God.
    · Confirmed - peace and blessings be upon him - even to the city's Jews, that Jesus - peace be upon him - is the Christ, which is mentioned in the Torah.
    · He said that the miracles that Jesus came - peace be upon him - (healing the blind and the leper and the revival of the dead) are from God.
    · As stated clearly that Jesus - peace be upon him - did not die, but God raised him up.
    · The alert (peace be upon him) inspired by God, that Christ will return Akhraloaam to lead the believers to victory over the enemies of the right and kill the Antichrist.
    · He also ordered (peace be upon him) to pay alms to the poor and was the protector and defender of widows, orphans and the wayfarers.
    · Is reunited with their families and reverence for family ties, also rebuilt relations between family members.
    · Urged his followers to link women through legal marriage and adultery campus.
    · Confirmed - upon him blessings and peace - to give women their rights of dowry and the legacy and money ....
    · All his noble manners of patience and humility and others led to the recognition of everyone who knew him by creating Hamid and unparalleled among humans.

    Personality of the Prophet Muhammad with the same:

    Was a great man, making greatness was not manufactured by, but built his greatness through his confidence and persistence on his principles in personal Gelltha good morals and treatment straight with friend and foe and ظللتها recipe humility and convenience and ease away from the complexity and contract Altmzar and artificiality and affectation.
    Was honest with himself convinced Bembdih, specific objectives and a clear vision.
    Proven on his principles until he reached his divine and dissemination of its noble principles unknown to many of those who Iedi or Antqs.
    Collect all the characteristics of whatever is good instinct and all the qualities of human perfection, which hoped wise,
    Jamal congenital hugged beautiful morally and mentally beautiful the Vozahr full Anar the world and the dawn of a spring revived to mankind Omadtha ignorance and selfishness.

    With his family:

    Nazer in the private life of Mohammed the Prophet admire a man descended from a mountainous desert environment harsh chaotic state where ignorance and how reached the highest level of success unprecedented domestic
    Muhammad was to his family the inexhaustible fountain of love and tenderness, warmth and emotional feelings and paper.
    He was represented to his beloved, where he was playing with his family and Amazhan and addresses warmth feelings, Here is the example style thin cast warmth of love in the heart of his wife Aisha as he was deliberately put his mouth on the subject of drinking from the pot sending a message hidden happy heart and shaking her feelings, and instances of these poetic Many in the life of the Prophet.
    As Muhammad was the apostle also represents beloved loyal to family carefree happy, he did not forget his wife, Khadija, who died, but was little virtues and improves to relatives, and the anger of her when deprecate them in his presence, Abu Njih in the story of permission halo girl Khuwaylid sister Khadija: ( Aisha said: said Ibdlk Allaah Pkberh Age mean Khadija modern age so I was angry: and who sent you the right not mention this only okay).
    Although the burden of heavy Mohammed the Prophet as head of state and commander of the army and intellectual and moral guide to his followers, it has not ignored be beloved appointed to his family, where he was serving his wives and help them in their work home Mhara them the importance of women and high value in the Islamic religion.
    By Black said: (I asked Aisha: The Prophet made in his family? Said: in his profession if I attended the prayer to prayer) (Bukhari

    Mohammed the Prophet a man of religion and state
    Of great leaders throughout history have tried to build the glory and the establishment of a humanitarian message but could not one of them throughout history to make the world a homogeneous accurate Embracing the Spirit's demand with the demand of the body, but odds was an ally of one of the two. Is that Muhammad is the Messenger was able to come up with something new to the world, which blends spiritual aspect in harmony and consistency of unprecedented, built for the country to live by them without religion, and we do not accept the alternative state.
    Muhammad was able to heal the wounded spirit wrought material life and was able to fill the vacuum physical demands caused by the interruption wrong to Spirit
    Was so sincere spiritual teacher and political fair and equitable ruling, which united the tribes of savage in a civilized people and united the people in the nation girl glory and made life under the banner of the doctrine of one God (there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah).

    Mohammed the Prophet motto smile
    What dire rights in a time when social pressure abounded and mental illness to a superior smile faces Kalaptsama drawn by Mohammed on the faces of a safe mission.
    Muhammad Prophet overcome the followers believers who are committed to his teachings troubles life and the pressures of society, and raise their psychological crises Tnkd human life, and hugged their happiness and peace of heart,
    Was smile Prophet Muhammad logo in dissolved and his travels, where he not only sees smiling, smile fresh pain of offset and heals the wounds of accompanied.
    Narrated Abdullah ibn al-Harith said: (Markit anyone more smile from the Messenger of Allah).
    But Muhammad is the Messenger to get out of the bounds of decency and dignity frequently laugh and giggle but was smiling in the literature and respect.
    Narrated Abdullah ibn al-Harith said: (What was laughed apostle only smiles) (Tirmidhi)
    He laughs without open his mouth without chuckling contrary equilibrium and Kamal grouper.

    Mohammed the Prophet a man morality
    Of the most beautiful characterized Mohammed the Prophet morals high-end with the near and long term, with friend and foe and this is what it is supported by all fair.
    He was a man of good interview does not leave a smile his face, a good speech, corresponds charity abuse, and rises above all nonsense.
    Taught his followers that the best people are those who are best manners is that: (It's your choice Ahsankm morals)
    But taught his followers that the closest it position in Paradise is best in manners.
    He said: (I love to and Oqrbakm me on the Day of Resurrection Hassan was not the creation of Muhammad Prophet exclusive to his followers, but it also included his enemies, when asked to pray on the infidels said:
    (I did not send for Ana, but sent as a mercy) (Narrated by Muslim)

    Prophet Muhammad with people (in the case of war) noble warrior

    1 - dart with his enemies soldiers in the heart of the battle:
    Muhammad peace be upon him morals and noble teachings of his home high-end was not betray one whoever he is, even if an enemy, not a successor treaty with a even be the second party is the one who denounced, as it was in the war with his enemies, whether his round or his enemy does not punish wounded and captured nor represents their bodies but was forbidden to his soldiers and the corners of his army to do so no matter what.
    And beaten so he and his followers finest examples of humanity on the nobility of morality in war.

    2 dart with a woman who is in the ranks of the enemy:
    Here is an example of strange that takes mind and shake the conscience.
    In one of the decisive battles fought by Muhammad with his enemies saw one of the pillars of his army, who grew up in military school, a cousin Ali Ibn Abi Taleb saw masked soldiers from enemies move between bodies of the dead and wounded of the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Ichoham a terrible representative corpses distortion until he reached up to representation nearest of kin his uncle Hamza and uncle supreme leader Mohammed the Prophet Vhal this scene commander and determination to take revenge on this soldier and eliminate it, Vqsdh as an arrow, but he was surprised he lifted his sword to serve him as a woman of the enemy under cover dressed as a man.
    Here the scene is strange, and here the great principles, in moments of raising his sword over the head of the enemy and the balance of this leader among retaliation, and between the lofty principles that drink at the School of Mohammed the Prophet, Vgelb the same manners Mohammadi noble, what was it only that revealed his sword and slow to anger and leave this woman, despite heinous deeds in his companions are going in case the process!!!
    What created this? Any high principles? Any greatness is? What respect for women and mercy even though he was on the side of the enemy? But the greatness of Muhammad and his followers, and the greatness of Islam who taught them.

    3 dart with prisoners:
    Although human rights charters and international treaties, but a prisoner in the twenty-first century is still groaning under the weight of psychological and physical torture and blatant violation of human rights.
    But that Muhammad the Prophet and for more than four centuries proceeded to the world approach great for the Treatment of Prisoners if applied human emerged from the crisis of prisoners in this world Hieran, still shaking the conscience of every employer conscience and create Nabil, so that Muhammad Prophet prevent strictly violation of human prisoners under any justification.
    Is not permissible for him tortured physically or mentally captive may not speak ill of equivalents not cut the food and drink with him.
    But it was Muhammad and his followers be brought captive of themselves in Moklhm and gushed, and you can control this great act in this noble scene with captive by followers of Mohammed.
    This scene took the Koran from heaven calls and commends him, he said praising the followers of Muhammad (and they give food out of love the poor and the orphan and the captive)
    Any that Muhammad and his followers influence orphans and the needy and captured their food, although I have said and the severity of their need him!!!
    What dire prisoners at this time to Mohammed the Prophet to heal their wounds and Ikvkv tears and Ertdja them their rights and even their humanity by their tendency civilization destructive weapons and dirty wars under false names.
    After this, we say: Muhammad be proud of all our strength on Civil contemporary predecessors and offer full in the field of human rights in practice, not on the level of propaganda and slogans just as I did and do contemporary State, how can it not a challenging scientific research fair run on emotion and the prosecution and prejudices to find even if and one in the life of Mohammed the Prophet violated the rights of the prisoner physical or mental torture.
    اللهم صلي وسلم على أفضل البشر محمد بن عبدالله وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم ..
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    بدر البلوي المدير العام إدارة الموقع

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