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  1. أمة البارىء

    أمة البارىء <font color="#4CC417">مبدعة الاستراحة </font> عضو مميز

    English Teacher
     بناء علي خطاب وكيل الوزارة للتعليم رقم 351406153 وتاريخ 26 / 8/1435 وتاريخ 26/8 / 1435
     بشأن عقد اختبار الكفايات اللغويه versant لمعلمات اللغه الانجليزيه في الفتره من 19/ذو القعده/1435 هـ الي 1/ذو الحجه/1435 هـ
    نفيدكم علما ان الاختبار الزامي وهام جدا جدا جدا
    حيث سيتم تطبيقه على معلمين ومعلمات منطقة(الرياض_ الشرقية _مكه_جدة_المدينة) المرحلة الثانوية والمتوسطة وبعض الابتدائي
    لذا ضروري جدا حث المعلمات على اجراء الاختبار
    وهو لايحتاج استعداد من المعلمة من ناحية المعلومات
    الهدف من الاختبار :
    قياس مستوى المعلمة وبالتالي بناء الاحتياجات التدريبية
    بعد صدور نتائج الاختبار ستوزع المعلمات الى مجموعات حسب الاحتياج التدريبي
    /دورات اون لاين _دورات بمراكز التدريب اما بالمنطقة او خارجها_دورات خارج المملكة/
    لذا تكاتفكم وحرصكم هو دليل على اهمية تلمس احتياجات المعلمات التدريبية
    لن يتم قبول اي اعتذار او غياب الا بعذر رسمي (لجنة طبية من مستشفى حكومي _ او اثبات على اجازة الامومة او غيرها )

    بأنه سيتم اجراء الاختبار للمعلمات في الفترة المذكوره ونأمل منكم حث المعلمات علي الاستعداد للاختبار و الاستفاده من الرابط ادناه للتعرف علي آلية الاختبار و الاستفاده من النماذج المتوفره فيه.
    و سيتم لاحقا اصدار بيان باسماء المعلمات و يحدد فيه مكان و تاريخ وزمن الاختبار لكل مجموعة

    مع تمنياتنا للجميع بالتوفيق ،،،،،

    هذا اختبار اللغه الانجليزيه
    ارسلو للمعلمات اللي تعرفوهم عشان يلحقو يدربو
    Watch "Versant - Testing & Scoring" on YouTube - Versant - Testing & Scoring: http://youtu.be/SVRZ7SGrY3A
  2. Saяah

    Saяah مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

    يوم شاب ودوره الكتاب :biggrin:
    ياللا اهم شيء يعطونا أجازه نتذاكر فيها وأجازه عشان نروح نختبر
  3. وكيلة 26

    وكيلة 26 مراقبة إدارية مراقبة عامة

    لاا ابشركم يقولوا اللي ترسب في اختبارهم يودونها دورة
    في بريطانيا يعني كوووله يرسب نصيحة فررصه ماتتعوضش
  4. أمة البارىء

    أمة البارىء <font color="#4CC417">مبدعة الاستراحة </font> عضو مميز

    English Teacher
    منكم خوة تراني من الان ابشركم رااااسبه ^_^
  5. أمة البارىء

    أمة البارىء <font color="#4CC417">مبدعة الاستراحة </font> عضو مميز

    English Teacher
    1. Are oranges and bananas fruits or vegetables? - FRUITS
    2. Which is more like stone: cement or rubber? CEMENT
    3. What season comes before spring? WINTER
    4. Does a tree usually have fewer trunks or branches? TRUNKS
    5. What’s the adult form of a puppy? DOG
    6. Are potatoes and tomatoes, fruits or vegetables? VEGETABLES
    7. How long did the Hundred Years War last? 116 YEARS
    8. What are tires usually made of? RUBBER
    9. The Canary Islands are named after what animal? CANINE / DOGS
    10. What color is a Purple Finch? RED
    11. Upon what hill was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?
    Breed's Hill in Charleston,Massachusetts
    12. Who is buried in Grant's Tomb? GRANT
    13. Who is your dad's sister's son? cousin
    14. Who is my mom's brother's daughter? cousin
    15. Would a person you like, be considered as a friend or a foe? FRIEND
    16. Are your blood relatives, your friends or your family? FAMILY
    17. Do animals have feet or paws? paws
    18. Are rivers, natural or man-made? natural

    19. Does paper come from dirt or trees? TREES

    20. What would you find in an ashtray? ash

    21. Are bottles used for carrying liquids or solids? liquids
    22. When walking from point A to point B, instead of taking a right, a left, another left and then a right - which direction could you take to arrive at your destination? STRAIGHT
    23. How many legs does a tripod have? 3
    24. How many wheels does a car have? 4
    25. What would you call a two-wheeled cycle? BICYCLE
    26. What are the colors of the American flag? RED, WHITE, BLUE
    27. What would you call a sanctuary for birds? sanctuary
    28. Where would you find live animals, in a museum or at the zoo? ZOO
    29. What would you keep your pet bird in, a tank or a cage? CAGE
    30. What do you call a large fish tank? Aquarium
    31. What are people from Texas called? TEXAN
    32. What language is spoken in China? Chinese
    33. What do you call people from France? French
    34. Do you fill a pen with blood or ink? Ink
    35. What do cars run on, gas or water? GAS
    36. Do horses banter or canter? Canter
    37. Are ancestors from the past or the future? Past
    38. Is your forefather from the past or the future? Past
    39. Would your child be from the previous generation or the next generation? NEXT GEN.
    40. Are wires used for carrying electricity or heat? Electricity
    41. What do you call a baby horse? Pony

    42. Which is a good conductor of electricity, rubber or metal? METAL

    43. What would you call a group of ships? Fleet

    44. What would you call a group of cattle? Heard
    45. Is the word 'everyone' used to denote a group of things or people? people
    46. Would a baby sleep in a shed or a crib? CRIB
    47. Would you park your car in a garage or a carriage? GARAGE
    48. What is another word for 'regular wages'? SALARY
    49. What is the instrument used for measuring temperature? THERMOMETER
    50. What do you use to write on a blackboard? CHALK
    51. What does 'www' stand for? WORLD WIDE WEB
    52. Which popular food item is Italian, pizza or hamburger? PIZZA
    53. Which can be found in the sky - stars or shells? STARS
    54. Does the wind blow horizontally or vertically? HORIZONTALLY
    55. Do we walk on the ground or on the walls? GROUND
    56. The absence of sound is called noise or silence? SILENCE
    57. Where do you plug in a cable - in a pocket or in a socket? SOCKET
    58. Would you wear mittens on your hands or on your feet? HANDS
    59. On which side of the body is the spine located - in the back or in the front? BACK
    60. Do you have fingers on your feet or on your hands? HANDS
    61. Do you get milk from a dairy or from a diary? dairy
    62. What would you call the wife of a king? QUEEN

    63. What would you call an unmarried woman? MAIDEN / SPINSTER

    64. What would you call an unmarried man? BACHELOR

    65. What would you call a woman who is an actor? ACTRESS
    66. What would you call a woman who makes her living by sewing? SEAMSTRESS
    67. What would you call a code that contains both letters and digits? ALPHANUMERIC
    68. Do felines pertain to cats or dogs? CATS
    69. What is a division of a poem called - a paragraph or a stanza? STANZA
    70. Which is longer - a paragraph or a chapter? CHAPTER
    71. Which is thicker - a twig or a trunk? TRUNK
    72. Which is faster - a plane or a jet? JET
    73. Which is taller - an elephant or a giraffe? GIRAFFE
    74. Which is higher - a castle or a skyscraper? SKYSCRAPPER
    75. Which is slower - an ant or a snail? SNAIL
    76. What do you send to outer space - a rocket or a missile? ROCKET
    77. What is used in the game of badminton - a ball or a shuttlecock? SC
    78. What is used in tennis - a bat or a racket? RACKET
    79. Which is a method of swimming - breaststroke or bottomstroke? BREASTSTROKE
    80. What is the term used for being 'connected to a computer or computer network'? ONLINE
    81. Which mechanical device is used for cleaning carpets? VACCUME CLEANER

    82.What household appliance is used for washing floors?

    83. What are children given for doing household chores? ALLOWANCE

    84. What is another word for 'sofa'? Couch

    85. What do you call a person who sits In front of the TV all day? COUCH POTATO

    86. What is an extravagant lighting fixture with branches for several lights? CANDELABRA CHANDLIER

    87. What is an unusually long luxury car, driven by a chauffeur? LIMOUSIN

    88. What do you call a person who serves as a driver? - CHAUFFEUR

    89. Which aircraft takes off vertically - a plane or a helicopter? HELICOPTER

    90. Which object is lighter - a stone or a feather? Feather

    91. Which is a computer component - a mouse or a rat? MOUSE

    92. Which animal ejects a foul smell when frightened or in danger? SKUNK

    93. Which is a bird - a partridge or porridge? PARTRIDGE

    94. What do you do when you're happy - laugh or cry? LAUGH

    95. What is a breakfast item - pizza or cereal? Cereal

    96. Which is a meat product - bacon or waffles? Bacon

    97. What do you normally find in vehicles - a toolbar or a toolkit? TOOLKIT

    98. What are found on oak trees - acorns or icons? Acrons

    99. What do you wear on your feet - Snickers or sneakers? SNICKERS

    100. What form of footwear do you use in the winter - shoes or boots? Boots

    101. What do you call the compartment at the rear of an automobile? TRUNK

    102. What do you call the lid covering the engine of a motor vehicle? BONNET

    103. What is the protective covering for the head? HELMET

    104. What do you normally wear on your wrists when you exercise? – WRIST BAND

    105. What do you wear on your hand - a mitt or a sock? Mitt

    106. What do you call the main body of a tree? Trunk

    107. Which is a smaller body of water - a sea or a river? RIVER

    108. What do you find on the side of the road - a cave or a pavement? PAVEMENT

    109. What do you call a flesh-eating animal - a carnivore or a herbivore? CARNIVORE

    110. Which animal is striped black and white? ZEBRA

    111. What is a hamburger made of - chicken or ham? CHICKEN

    112. How do you specify a time in the morning - by am or pm? AM

    113. What do you wear to improve your eyesight - spectacles or goggles? SPECS

    114. What type of farm produces milk? dairy

    115. If your dog is hungry, should she be fed or watered? FED

    116. Which is usually bigger, a castle or a cottage? CASTLE

    117. Shawn and Marge played the flutes. Did they play the orchestra or bridge?ORCHESTRA

    118. What piece of cloth is used as a symbol of a nation? FLAG

    119. If you dropped a rubber ball on the ground, what would it do? BOUNCE

    120. If you heat bread, does it become warmer or colder? WARMER

    121. How many minutes are there in half an hour? 30

    122. If Mark is allergic to nuts, should he eat them or avoid them? AVOID

    123. Kevin bought an antique table for his apartment. Was it new or used? USED

    124. For information on yesterday's election, should I look in a book or a newspaper?NEWSPAPER

    125. Would a basement be above or below the ground floor? BELOW

    126. Jenny was satisfied with the tour guide. Did she write a letter of complaint orappreciation to his supervisor? APPRECIATION

    127. The man on the bench feeds birds. Does he throw them seeds or fingers? SEEDS

    128. What do you chew your food with? TEETH

    129. On February the 29th, what is the next day? March 1st

    130. I'm on Chapter 7 of a 12 Chapter book. How many chapters do I have left? 5

    131. Julia bought a new pair of shoes. How many shoes did she buy? TWO

    132. If Monday is the first day of the week, which is the last day? SUNDAY

    133. From time to time, I get a call from charity. Do they call every day or do they call occasionally? OCCASIONALLY

    134. Mary just had twin boys. How many new brothers does her daughter Jane have?2

    135. When my cousin plays guitar, does he kick a ball or make music? Music

    136. The roads are blocked off today. Are they closed or wet? closed

    137. If I want to know how heavy my package is, should I measure its weight or height? WEIGHT

    138. Which human organ is used for hearing? Ear

    139. When she put money into the bank, did she increase or decrease the amount of money she had in the account? INCREASE

    140. If you need legal advice, would you call a lawyer or teacher? Lawyer

    141. At the seafood market, do you buy fish or bread? Fish

    142. Brad put a price on his boat. Does he intend to buy it or sell it? Sell

    143. In autumn, is it better to use a rake or a hammer to clean up fallen leaves? RAKE

    144. Men commonly wear which item of clothing to cover their head? Helmet

    145. Stuart's son is very sophisticated. Does he act older or younger than his real age?OLDER

    146. Did Beverly wash her hands with soap or clay? Soap

    147. To boil water, would you use heat or coal? HEAT

    148. Does milk come from cows or chickens? Cows

    149. Was Jimmy dirty because he played in the mud or because he watched TV? HE PLAYED IN THE MUD

    150. What's the external covering of a tree called? Bark

    151. What would a person use to open a locked door? Key

    152. Did the new couple extend invitations before or after their wedding? AFTER

    153. If a baby needs a nap, would you let her sleep or change her clothes? Sleep

    154. How many complete 2 and a half hour programs can get recorded on a 6 hour video tape? TWO

    155. How many legs does a snake have? zero

    156. After Jessie received a bonus, did she have more money or less money than before? MORE

    157. Gary thinks the project's too ambitious. Does he think it's too easy or challenging?CHALLENGING

    158. When you go for a hike in the park, do you usually walk on a path or a track?Track

    159. What's the most commonly used fuel in cars? Gas

    160. At the bank, did Jackie increase or decrease the amount of money in her account with her deposit? Increase

    161. When Johnny was punished for breaking the school rules, was he rewarded or disciplined? Disciplined

    162. What's a gracious response when someone receives a gift? SAY THANK YOU

    163. I went to the Post Office, then to the market. Where did I mail a letter? POST OFFICE

    164. If Susan has a skirt, will she wear it or eat it? Wear

    165. Which is usually bigger, a car or a truck? Truck

    166. What's the principal language of France? French

    167. What color can be mixed with red to make orange? Yellow

    168. Is it dawn or dusk, when the sun is setting? Dawn

    169. What part of a tree is like an arm to a person? BRANCHES

    170. Sue's husband is slim. Is he thin or fat? Thin

    171. How many corners are in a square? Four
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    حلاوة لبان تربوي جديد عضو ملتقى المعلمين

    اهم شييء الان متى النتائج تظهر؟؟؟؟