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عضو ملتقى المعلمين

I nodded my head."Good," said rich dad. "Now get back to work. This time, I will pay you nothing.""What?" I asked in amazement."You heard me. Nothing. You will work the same three hours everySaturday, but this time you will not be paid 10 cents per hour. You said you wanted to learn to not work for money, so I'm not going to pay you anything."I couldn't believe what I was hearing."I've already had this conversation with Mike. He's already working, dusting and stacking canned goods for free. You'd better hurry and get back there.""That's not fair," I shouted. "You've got to pay something.""You said you wanted to learn. If you don't learn this now, you'll grow up to be like the two women and the older man sitting in my living room, working for money and hoping I don't fire them. Or like your dad, earning lots of money only to be in debt up to his eyeballs, hoping more money will solve the problem. If that's what you want, I'll go back to our original deal of 10 cents an hour. Or you can do what most people grow up to do. Complain that there is not enough pay, quit and go looking for another job.""But what do I do?" I asked."So is there an answer?" asked clothing, "Yes," said rich dad. dog clothes wholesale "Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions. When you boys mastered your emotions, first by agreeing to work for free,dog apparel, I knew there was hope. When you again resisted your emotions when I tempted you with more money, pet clothes, you were again learning to think in spite of being emotionally charged. pet clothing, That's the first step.""Why is that step so important" I asked.Rich dad tapped me on the head. "Use this," he said. "If you use it well, you will soon thank me for giving you an opportunity, and you will grow into a rich man."I stood there still not believing what a raw deal I had been handed. Here I came to ask for a raise, and now I was being told to keep working for nothing.Rich dad tapped me on the head again and said, "Use this. Now get out of here and get back to work."LESSON #l: The Rich Don't Work For Money


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