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I'm going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 3INT. FERRARI - MOVING - NIGHTVIVIANNice car. Yours?EDWARD(as he grinds the gears; wincing)No.VIVIANStolen?EDWARDNot exactly.He smiles. Vivian smiles back.VIVIANMind if I turn on some heat?EDWARDIf you can figure it out, be myguest.Vivian reaches out, turns on the heat.EDWARDVery good. You're obviouslymechanical.VIVIAN(laughs)You're not from L.A., huh?EDWARDNew York.VIVIANWhat motel you staying at?EDWARDHotel.VIVIANOkay, what hotel?EDWARDRegent Beverly Wilshire. I betyou know it.VIVIAN(annoyed at his tone)Yeah, I peed in the fountain thereonce. Give me a break.Edward glances over, amused. It hits him that she really is an attractive girl.EDWARDWhat's your ****?VIVIANWhat do you want it to be?(a beat)Vivian, my ****'s Vivian.EDWARDYou like being a hooker, Vivian?VIVIANIt pays.EDWARDSo do day jobs.VIVIAN(sarcastic)Day jobs, yeah. I've tried them.(a beat)Turn right.EXT. SANTA MONICA BLVD. - NIGHTThe Ferrari glides along a seedy, West Hollywood section ofSanta Monica.INT. FERRARI - MOVING - NIGHTEDWARDMust be dangerous. Hooking.VIVIANTell me about it. L.A. issuffering from a wacko epidemic.And who knows where half the guysI pick up have been. I mean, Iuse condoms. Always. And I getchecked out once a month at thefree clinic. Not only am I betterin the sack than an amateur, I'mprobably safer.EDWARDVery good. You ought to havethat printed up on your businesscard.VIVIAN(a moment)If you're making fun of me, Idon't like it.EDWARDSorry. If I did, I didn't meanto.Vivian unconsciously bites her fingernails.EDWARDUgly habit, biting your nails.VIVIANYou don't know habits, you thinkthis is ugly.But she puts her hands in her lap. She looks out the window.She's safe from Carlos.VIVIANOkay, pull over. Let me out.I've got to get back to work.Edward pulls the Ferrari to the curb and stops.VIVIAN (cont'd)Stay on this street and you'llhit Beverly Hills.EDWARDWhat do you charge for company,Vivian?VIVIANCompany would cost you... ahundred dollars.EDWARDFor the whole night?VIVIANFor an hour.EDWARDYou're joking.VIVIANI never joke about money.EDWARDNeither do I.(a moment; amused)A hundred bucks an hour though.That's pretty stiff.She reaches across the seat. Her hand goes in his lap.VIVIANNo, but it's getting there.EDWARDVivian, how much to put up withme for the entire night?VIVIANYou couldn't afford it.Vivian starts to get out of the car.EDWARDTry me.A moment. Vivian's sexy smile comes on.VIVIANThree hundred.EDWARDFine.VIVIANWhat's your ****, lover.EDWARDEdward. My **** is Edward.VIVIANEdward... you got it!Edward gets out of the car. Vivian looks at him confused.EDWARDGet in. This side.VIVIANWhat?EDWARDYou know how to drive a stick?Vivian moves around the car.VIVIANBetter believe it.EDWARDThen let's go. It's worth 300just so I don't have to drive.They get in the car.INT. FERRARI - NIGHTShe starts the car, revs it.VIVIANHere we go Edward.EXT. HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - NIGHTThe Ferrari peels out, fishtails madly and SCREAMS up thestreet.EXT. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL - NIGHTThousands of tiny white lights sparkle along the walls of theRegent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Bright flags are illuminatedby carefully placed spotlights. The Ferrari SCREAMS into thedriveway and comes to a jarring stop by the front door.INT. FERRARI - NIGHTEdward takes a moment to get his breath. He gestures towardthe back.EDWARDMy raincoat's in the back. Put it on.VIVIANWhy?EDWARDYou may feel more comfortable.This is not the kind of place thatrents rooms by the hour.VIVIANYou mean they don't have hookers.EDWARDEvery place has hookers, but ifthis hotel has hookers, they don'tlook like they're...VIVIANOff the boulevard.EDWARDExactly.INT. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL LOBBY - NIGHTAs they walk in, Vivian is tying the trenchcoat.VIVIANGreat. Now I took like a hookerin a trenchcoat.She looks up. She stops in her tracks. The lobby is brightand spacious, filled with thick carved wood paneling. Even atthis hour there is a great deal of activity. MEN in businesssuits and WOMEN in furs and jewels are passing by. Vivian'sface quickly conceals the sudden awe she feels at the sight ofall this luxury. Vivian matter of factly reaches out and takesEdward's arm.VIVIANSo let's go.Edward guides them across the lobby. They reach the elevatorsand go inside.INT. HOTEL - ELEVATOR - NIGHTThe young ELEVATOR OPERATOR is dressed in a clean red uniform that seems just a bit too tight. As the elevator doors closehe nods toward Edward.OPERATOREvening, sir.EDWARDGood evening. Penthouse.VIVIANPenthouse. My, my.She sees the operator glancing at her.VIVIANThe penthouse. And step on it.INT. HOTEL - HALLWAY - NIGHTEdward and Vivian come out of the elevator into a hallwayleading to a single doorway with two heavy wood doors. Edwardpulls out his key and unlocks the doors. With a gentle pushthe door slide open in unison. Edward gestures to Vivian togo inside. She does. Edward closes the doors behind her.INT. HOTEL - PENTHOUSE - NIGHTAs Vivian steps into the room she has the sensation of fallingoff the top of the building. In front of her is a sunken livingroom with massive windows revealing the sparkling lights of thecity below. For the first time, she is speechless. Edwardcloses the door and walks past her down the steps to the livingroom. Edward picks up a phone. Vivian checks out the room.EDWARD(into the phone)Room service.(to Vivian)What do you drink?VIVIANDiet coke.EDWARD(into the phone)Send up a bottle of Crystalchampagne.VIVIANCan I have some chips?EDWARD(into the phone)-- and a bowl of strawberries.Thank you.Vivian makes her way down the steps to the living room. Shestares at the view.EDWARD(to Vivian)Impressed?Vivian is impressed but she's not going to admit it.VIVIANYou kidding? I come here all the time. As a matter of fact theydo rent this room by the hour.Edward smiles. He sits down in a comfortable chair and leansback. Vivian looks at him.VIVIAN (cont'd)Well, now that you have me forthe night, what are you going todo with me?EDWARDWant to know something? I don'tquite know. I hadn't plannedthis.VIVIANDo you plan everything?EDWARD(a small smile)Always.VIVIANWell, the meter's running, it'syour money. Speaking of which,cash'll do. In advance.EDWARDFair enough.He rises. Takes out his wallet. Standing over her, he dropsTHREE crisp, new hundred dollar bills in Vivian's lap. Shepicks up the bills, stares at them, trying not to be impressed.She puts the money in her jacket. She realizes Edward isstanding over her as if waiting.She leans forward, reaches out to unzip his pants. He abruptlyturns away.EDWARDLet's talk some more first.VIVIANRight.(brightly)So! In town on business?EDWARD(taking off his jacket)Uh-huh.VIVIANLet me guess, you're a... lawyer.EDWARD(loosening his tie)And why do you say that?VIVIAN(a small smile)I dunno... you have that sharp,useless look.Edward almost smiles. He sits across from her again.EDWARDSounds like you've known a lotof lawyers.VIVIANI've known a lot of everybody.A chime goes off to indicate there's someone at the door.EDWARDChampagne.He starts to sit up. Vivian motions for him to stay put.VIVIANHey. I might as well make myselfuseful.Edward sits back down. Vivian waltzes up the steps and opensthe front door. A WAITER comes into the room with a silvercart; on it is a bucket of champagne and a covered bowl.WAITERWhere would you like it?VIVIANWhere would we like it?EDWARDWhere would we like it? Here'llbe fine.The Waiter carries it down the steps and sets it in the middleof the living room. He turns and heads back up the stairs andpauses near Vivian, staring. Vivian stares back at him.VIVIANWhat are you looking at?The Waiter glances away uncomfortably and exits. Vivian closesthe door behind him. Vivian marches back down the stairs.EDWARDI think he wanted you to tip him.VIVIANTsk. Excuse me, I didn't thinkhe had change for a hundred.Edward crosses to the silver stand. Vivian watches withinterest as he twirls the champagne bottle in the ice bucket.VIVIAN (cont'd)You have a wife? Girlfriend?EDWARDI have both.Edward lifts the bottle out. He deftly pops the cork on thebottle without losing a drop of champagne.VIVIANWhere are they? Shoppingtogether?EDWARDThey should be. They're both goodat it.Edward pours the champagne into a single long stemmed glass andhands one to Vivian.EDWARD (cont'd)My ex-wife lives in London in whatused to be my home.My girlfriend is in New Yorkmoving out of my apartment evenas we speak. Cheers.He drinks, nods approvingly. ??Most of us take life for granted. We know that one day we must die, but usually we picture that day as far in the future, when we are in buoyant health, death is all but unimaginable. We seldom think of it. wow gold, The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty task, hardly aware of our listless attitude towards life.??The same lethargy, I am afraid, characterizes the use of our faculties and senses. Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize the manifold blessings that lie in sight url=http://www.wowgoldvip.fr]wow gold[/url]. Particularly does this observation apply to those who have lost sight and hearing in adult WOW Power leveling life. But those who have never suffered impairment of sight or hearing seldom make the fullest use of these blessed faculties. Their eyes and ears take in all sights and sound hazily, without concentration, and with little appreciation. It is the same old story of not being grateful for what we conscious of health until we are ill.??I have often thought it would be a blessing if each human being were stricken blind and deaf for a few days at some wow gold time during his early adult life. Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound. WOW Power leveling Now and then I have tested my seeing friends


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